November 21, 2022 – Firmware version V1.18 for KOSMIK 170/210/250/300 HV / HV-I

KOSMIK 170/210/250/300 HV / HV-I

In the firmware version V1.18 for the KOSMIK 170/210/250/300 HV / HV-I the following points have been added and improved:

  1. Adaptation of the current control: The sampling rate was increased, thus the current peaks, which can lead to an overcurrent, are intercepted.
  2. The telemetry ports are assigned the following protocols by default:
    – LED side: Mikado
    – BEC side: Jeti
    – Center: Futaba
  3. The bootloader has been adapted so that the update can be restarted after an aborted update process. Up to now, the KOSMIK had to be sent to the factory after an aborted update process; with the bootloader adjustment, this is no longer necessary.
  4. The firmware for the KOSMIK 170/210/250/300 HV / HV-I are packed into one common update file. The update software automatically recognizes which KOSMIK variant is involved and writes the specific parameters to the KOSMIK during the update.

To avoid errors and malfunctions during the update, the update process must be carried out as described below.

The first step is to install the bootloader update on the KOSMIK 170/210/250/300 HV / HV-I:

  1. Apply the bootloader update V1.1 to the controller with the ProgUnit. ATTENTION: When starting the update, the error message will appear that the software is older than the software present on the KOSMIK. Confirm here with “Yes” and perform the update.
  2. After the update is complete, unplug the battery.
  3. IMPORTANT, connect motor and receiver.
  4. Reconnect the battery.
  5. Wait until the controller beeps.
  6. Check the version of the bootloader with ProgUnit: If V2.2 appears, the update has been completed successfully.

Note: The bootloader update V1.1 updates the bootloader and does not contain any additional functions!

After the bootloader update V1.1, the new firmware V1.18 has to be uploaded to the KOSMIK as usual in the second step. This completely replaces the bootloader update with firmware V1.18 and ensures that the bootloader update cannot activate itself again.

Note: When installing the new software V1.18 it can also be detected that the bootloader version is now set to 2.2 and the bootloader update was therefore successful.