March 22, 2022 – KOLIBRI HV-I and LV-I – New Safety Features inside

Software update V3.0

For all KOLIBRI models (HV-I and LV-I) we have now made the new software V3.0 available for download. The new software V3.0 is a milestone in the performance of KOLIBRI controllers!

The most important thing in advance: it includes several new and adapted safety features – to keep your model on top!

The professionals among the model builders always push the performance of a controller to the limit and sometimes exceed the limits. But even experienced pilots and newcomers sometimes unintentionally reach limits that demand everything and more from the controller.

With our KOLIBRI controllers, we have now redefined the limits to keep your model up and your blood pressure down.

The new KOLIBRI security features in detail:

  • Intelligent Current Commander – The intelligent current control
    In case of prolonged overload up to 1.5 times the rated current, a moderate current reduction to the rated current of the controller occurs after 2 seconds. This ensures flight capability up to the thermal limit and prevents the controller from shutting down due to an overcurrent.
  • Intelligent Temperature Commander – The intelligent temperature control
    When the permissible temperature limit of 90°C is exceeded, there is no abrupt shutdown or shutdown of the controller, but a reduction of the current. The longer the temperature is higher than 90°C, the more current is reduced, down to the maximum possible power of 40% of the rated current. Even in this control state, the KOLIBRI still allows short-term peaks, which avoids unwanted control behavior. Thanks to the intelligent temperature control, the extreme temperature limit of 120°C is not even reached during normal cooling.
  • Undervoltage / capacity regulation
    The settling time when the battery reaches the undervoltage limit has been increased to 2 minutes to allow a relaxed and safe landing.