March 22, 2022 – Integration VBAR Control Touch / VBAR Control Classic & further telemetry adjustments

With the V3.0 software, convenient, direct parameterization via the remote control “VBAR Control Touch” or “VBAR Control Classic” is now also possible. This offers the great advantage of being able to try out different settings of the controller on the flying field!

Other telemetry adjustments:

  • Default telemetry protocol has been changed to “Mikado”.
  • If the telemetry protocol “Mikado” is loaded, the stick travels are automatically set to fit “Mikado”. These now no longer have to be taught in.
  • For “FrSky” telemetry, additional values have been implemented for the freely adjustable telemetry channels of the “FrSky” remote controls. For this purpose the table for naming and correct selection of the IDs is important, which is stored on the KONTRONIK homepage under “Downloads / Software / KONTRONIK address assignment for telemetry”.
  • With the “PowerBox” telemetry, the set reduction ratio is now calculated in the speed output.