October 16, 2023 – Software update KOSMIK 170/210/250 HV / HV-I

In the firmware version V1.25 for the KOSMIK 170/210/250 HV-I the following item has been added.

  1. Implementation of the telemetry output for the temperature sensor of the Project ONE engine.
    a) Telemetry protocols implemented: Jeti, Graupner and PowerBox.
    b) Mikado, Futaba, FrSky and Multiplex will be added in a later software, we apologize.

No bootloader update is necessary for V1.25, provided V1.17 or higher is installed on your controller. If a lower version than V1.17 is on your controller, the bootloader update must be performed in advance as described below and only then the V1.25 update must be performed.

1. install the bootloader update V1.1 to the controller with the ProgUnit. ATTENTION: When starting the update, the error message will appear that the software is older than the software present on the KOSMIK. Confirm here with “Yes” and perform the update.
After the update is finished, unplug the battery.
IMPORTANT: Connect the motor and receiver.
Reconnect the battery.
Wait until the controller beeps.
Check the version of the boot loader with ProgUnit: If V2.2 appears, the update has been completed successfully.

– The bootloader update V1.1 updates the bootloader and does not contain any additional functions!
– When the new software V1.25 is installed, it can also be seen that the bootloader version is now 2.2 and the bootloader update was thus successful.

Firmware V1.25