September 1, 2020 – IMPORTANT UPDATE KOLIBRI 60/90/140 LV & LV-I Software Version 2.0

With the software update, we have integrated two new parameters for dynamic current control and peak current control into the boot loader to further improve the performance of the controller.

The telemetry functions have also been expanded. With the software function 2.0 the data exchange with Futaba CGY760 and JETI CentralBOX has been improved. In addition, the telemetry function can now also be used with the systems

  • PowerBox
  • FrSky

There are some special features to note with this software update.

When downloading the software update, the virus scanner may report a virus. The software has been checked by KONTRONIK and is definitely virus-free, so the virus message can be ignored. KONTRONIK will make every effort to find a solution as quickly as possible.

To avoid errors and malfunctions during the update, the update process must be carried out as described below:

Attention: For steps 1, 3 and 5 please make sure that the battery voltage is applied without interruption, otherwise the bootloader may be damaged and sending the controller to KONTRONIK is inevitable!

1. update firmware, as usual with ProgUNIT.

After the update is complete, unplug the drive battery and plug it in again.

3. program mode 1.

Unplug the drive battery and plug it in again. Wait until the controller initializes.

Press and hold the button until the controller beeps (this may take several seconds). The beep of the bootloader update is different from that of the mode programming, so it is easily recognizable.

Unplug the drive battery and plug it in again, the controller initializes and is now ready for user-defined settings.

For all users who do not use ProgUnit but would still like to use the update, we offer to install the update free of charge at the KONTRONIK factory. To do this, please simply send the controller together with the KONTRONIK service form to the address given.

KOLIBRI 60, 90, 140 LV_LV-I – Software version V2.0