SPIDER-X 15-50 S


KV: 500 U/min/V

Weight: 165 g, Outer diameter: 40,5 mm, Length: 41,3 mm

Article number: 7222

Delivery time: 6-8 Weeks

Available on backorder


The SPIDER-X 15 is the smaller of the SPIDER-X motors. With over 300 W of continuous power, it is ideally suited for use in medium multicopters with low to medium payloads. The different speed variants of this motor offer the right SPIDER-X motor for almost every application. If not, feel free to contact us.

The design of the motors is adapted for use in the multicopter. Its newly developed fan and special internal design let the SPIDER-X stay cool even when working. Both have been specially tuned for these low speeds.

Depending on the assembly, the S-type with shaft or the B-type for back-tension assembly with attached threaded shaft is used.

This is what sets the SPIDER-X 15 apart:

Neodymium magnets heat resistant up to 150 °C
Finely balanced
Adjusted sheet metal cut
Optimized airflow
Radial fan
Optimized magnetic circuit

Technical data

KV 500 U/min/V
RPM max. 25000 U/Min
Continuous power 400 Watt
Shaft diameter 5 mm
Free shaft length 31 mm
Number of poles 14
Weight approx. 165 g
Outer diameter motor 40,5 mm
Length motor 41,3 mm