PYRO 900-52 L


KV: 535 U/min/V

Weight: 685 g, Outer diameter: 63 mm, Length: 68 mm

Article number: 279061

Delivery time: 4-6 Working days


The PYRO 900 closes the gap between the 850 and 1000 PYRO. The PYRO 900 also impresses with its excellent power-to-weight ratio: up to 7.5 kW at only 685 g, 63 mm diameter and 68mm length. Due to its quadruple ball bearing mounted shaft it achieves highest stability. Helis from the 700 class can thus be fired superiorly.

This is what distinguishes the PYRO 900:

Neodymium magnets heat resistant up to 150 °C
Special enamelled wire up to 300 °C
Adjusted sheet metal cut
Optimized airflow
Radial fan
Optimized magnetic circuit

Technical data

KV 535 U/min/V
RPM max. 25000 U/Min
Continuous power 7500 Watt
Shaft diameter 8 mm
Free shaft length 55 mm
Number of poles 14
Weight approx. 685 g
Outer diameter motor 63 mm
Length motor 68 mm



Dimensioned drawing