PYRO 800-48 L Competition


KV: 500 U/min/V

Weight: 530 g, Outer diameter: 63 mm, Length: 56 mm

Article number: 275141C

Delivery time: 6-8 Weeks

Wird bei Bestellung für dich produziert, bitte beachte die angegebene Lieferzeit


The size of the PYRO 800 is already impressive: an outer diameter of 63 mm and a shaft diameter of 8 mm give an idea of the enormous forces of this motor. The PYRO 800 shines with its well thought-out design: large ball bearings and stable bell mounting are designed for outputs of over 5.5 kW.

The PYRO 800 is optimally designed for large helicopters of the 770 / 800 class, as well as scale and 3D helicopters.

The special features of the Competition variant are:

Hand winding
Sensationally low internal resistance
Higher load capacity
Custom name engraving
Competition Design

Technical data

KV 500 U/min/V
RPM max. 30000 U/Min
Continuous power 5500 Watt
Shaft diameter 8 mm
Free shaft length 55 mm
Number of poles 14
Weight approx. 530 g
Outer diameter motor 63 mm
Length motor 56 mm



Dimensioned drawing