PYRO 750-56 P


KV: 580 U/min/V

Weight: 460 g,

Article number: 277105

Delivery time: 4-6 Working days


The PYRO 750 presents itself compact and extremely powerful with a continuous power of 4.5 kW, which almost approaches the power of the PYRO 800.

The special feature of the PYRO 750 is its stepped shaft. It measures 10 mm inside to be able to use the largest possible ball bearings. On the outside, however, it is 6 or 8 mm thick, so that nothing stands in the way of its use in as many helicopters as possible. This trick makes the PYRO 750 the ideal engine for all pilots who would like to have a little more, but cannot fit the PYRO 800 for space reasons.

There are 4 speed types with 4 shaft variants available. Due to the large ball bearings, the PYRO 750 is also excellent for use in powered aircraft. The P-wave is available here. So you will always find a PYRO 750 that fits your model perfectly.

This is what distinguishes the PYRO 750:

Neodymium magnets heat resistant up to 150 °C
Special enamelled wire up to 300 °C
Adjusted sheet metal cut
Optimized airflow
Radial fan
Optimized magnetic circuit

Technical data

KV 580 U/min/V
RPM max. 30000 U/Min
Continuous power 4500 Watt
Shaft diameter 8 mm
Number of poles 14
Weight approx. 460 g



Dimensioned drawing