Project ONE 780-53 Competition


KV: 535 U/min/V

Weight: 485 g, Outer diameter: 62 mm, Length: 64.7 mm

Article number: 5792

Delivery time: 12-14 Weeks

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With our new Project ONE, the name says it all. As the number ONE of its kind in KONTRONIK, it was developed to provide a particularly powerful yet quiet flying experience. The design is as sporty and elegant as it is functional and fits perfectly into the existing Competition Line.

The Project ONE plays out all the advantages of an internal rotor and impresses with unprecedented smoothness and stability. A V8 among the electric motors.

The rotor is equipped with CFRP armor for maximum speeds and is finely balanced in a range otherwise only known from turbochargers.

The bearing arrangement is specially optimized for helicopter requirements and has a defined axial preload. This ensures maximum running smoothness and durability.

The shaft outlet, compatible with our motors from the Pyro series, is designed with a diameter of 6 mm and prepared for a counter-bearing.

The high-performance cooling system has a fan that is specially adapted to the motor and sucks the air directly through the stator and rotor, regardless of the direction of rotation, while remaining discreetly in the background. In addition, the Project ONE has cooling fins on the case, which ensure rapid heat dissipation not only during flight, but also after landing.

Another highlight is the integrated temperature sensor. This can be read out with our KOSMIK controllers of the HV-I* series via telemetry. This ensures maximum safety.

The Project ONE is available in three different numbers of turns, making it equally suitable for F3C, 3D and speed flight in the 700 class as well as for scale models in the 700 & 800 class.

  • As Project ONE 780-53 Competition for all who like to fly dynamic aerobatics and light 3D.
  • As Project ONE 780-59 Competition for ambitious 3D and F3C pilots.
  • As Project ONE 780-65 Competition for lovers of speed flight and hard 3D as well as for those who prefer to look for the bottleneck in the model in the mechanics instead of in the drive.

*Depending on software version, a software update is required

This is what sets the Project ONE apart:

10 pole internal rotor
High-speed rotor, CFRP-reinforced
Specially designed neodymium magnets
Specially designed sheet metal cut
High performance cooling
Stable and preloaded bearing
Integrated temperature sensor

Technical data:

Weight: 485 g
KV: 535 1/min/V
Maximum peak power (5 sec.): 8.1 kW (@45 V)
Maximum continuous power (S1): 2.8 kW (@45 V)
Internal resistance: 14.1 mOhm
Max. Efficiency (incl. controller): 91 %.
Max. permissible speed: 30.000 1/min
Recommended controller: COOL KOSMIK 210 HV-I

Technical data

KV 535 U/min/V
RPM max. 30000 U/Min
Continuous power 2800 Watt
Shaft diameter 6 mm
Free shaft length 52.5 mm
Number of poles 10
Weight approx. 485 g
Outer diameter motor 62 mm
Length motor 64.7 mm
Maximum peak power (5 sec.) 8.1 kW (@45 V)
Maximum continuous power (S1) 2.8 kW (@45 V)
Internal resistance 14.1 mOhm
Max. Efficiency (incl. controller) 91 %