KSG back tension assembly long + PYRO 1000-48L


KV: 480 U/min/V

Weight: 1950 g,

Article number: 3659

Dimensions: 229,5 × 96 × 108,3 mm

Delivery time: 6-8 Weeks

Available on backorder


In combination with the PYRO 850-50L or the PYRO 1000-48L the KONTRONIK spur gear (KSG) is the novelty for fixed-wing flight. The gearbox is designed for tow planes and scale models in the 100 and 120 class. With the KSG you can fly even when combustion engines are banned: quieter, cleaner, odorless. The KSG is available in two variants, so that back-span mounting is also possible. Despite great performance, the KSG has a compact design, low weight and versatile mounting options. Other special features include the low-wear material pairing of the gears and angular contact ball bearings to optimally absorb axial forces. The gear ratio is 4:1.

The KSG is designed to operate with the PYRO 850-50L or PYRO 1000-48L. Customers who already own a PYRO 850-50L or PYRO 1000-48L are welcome to send it in and we will install the engine at no charge. However, the KSG is not sold separately, because the installation is complicated and the KSG is approved by KONTRONIK only for the above mentioned engines.

This is what distinguishes KSG:

  • Stand thrust >32 kg
  • >10 kW peak power
  • >5 kW continuous power
  • Gear reduction ratio 4:1
  • Compact design
  • Low weight
  • low-wear material pairing of the gears
  • Angular contact ball bearings to optimally absorb axial forces

Technical data

KV 480 U/min/V
Continuous power 8000 Watt
Weight approx. 1950 g