KV: 5000 U/min/V

Weight: 260 g, Outer diameter: 36 mm, Length: 80 mm

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KIRA FAI motors are brushless internal rotors optimized specifically for the needs of glider pilots, RC cars and racing boat drives. Thanks to an integrated fan, optimum cooling is provided at high motor speeds, while the gearbox enables high torques with low weight.
The slim design fits into almost any fuselage and the good efficiency of the entire drive including the large propeller allows amazing flight performance.
The KIRA FAI motors are specially designed products for competition applications. They meet the highest performance requirements with well-known KONTRONIK reliability.

Technical data

KV 5000 U/min/V
RPM max. 50000 U/Min
Shaft diameter 6 mm
Free shaft length 18 mm
Number of poles 2
Weight approx. 260 g
Outer diameter motor 36 mm
Length motor 80 mm