Weight: 387 g,

Article number: 48211

Dimensions: 109,2 × 53 × 38,6 mm

Delivery time: 4-6 Working days


With the KOSMIK, KONTRONIK has defined the current high-end range. Even at first glance, it is clear that the KOSMIK is a strong piece. The controllers with integrated telemetry can be recognized by the abbreviation “HV-I”.

The KOSMIK is continuous current resistant up to 250 A and that at up to 14 S – that is 12.5 kW continuous power, in peaks even 15-20 kW.

The specially developed housing not only protects, but is an essential component of the controller concept. Despite extremely good efficiency, residual heat is generated in the incandescent range at these power dimensions. Therefore, the upper aluminum plate is directly connected to the power amplifier. Thus, you have it in your own hands how much power your KOSMIK can handle in the long run by putting on various heat sinks. The lower aluminum plate allows stable mounting in the model. Of course, the KOSMIK has an anti-flash function.

A BEC we are proud of

Sensational is the BEC: continuous current carrying capacity of 10 A and up to 30 A for short periods at an output voltage of 5 – 8 V. Without interference problems and voltage fluctuations, this powerful BEC is fully operational up to 14 S.
To use the full BEC power it is necessary to use a second BEC cable. Therefore, 2 BEC connections are provided on the KOSMIK.

Screwed instead of soldered

No cables. This is perhaps the first thing that stands out about KOSMIK. To ensure that its enormous power can be transmitted optimally, gold-plated copper lugs are provided on the KOSMIK. Corresponding cables are screwed to this by means of cable lugs. The cable cross-section can be adapted to the current requirement. This gland makes cable replacement straightforward and provides a reliable high-current connection. In addition to the supplied cable set, pre-assembled cables are available as accessories.

Nothing is lost

The KOSMIK offers the possibility to record operating parameters internally. Speed, current, voltage, etc. are available in the controller at any time and can be recorded during the flight. The data is stored on a MicroSD card. With the Data Explorer, this data can be easily visualized. You can find this in the download section of the website.

Innovative accessories

The KOSMIK has 3 connections for external modules and sensors. These connectors are docking points for the modules that make the KOSMIK the all-around perfect controller. The matching TelMe, for example, provides you with the most important logging data for your remote control. The Bluetooth module, on the other hand, connects your smartphone to the KONTRONIK Drives K-VIEW/K-PROG apps. An external fan can also be operated via these connections.

Multiple programmable

The proven mode programming is also implemented in KOSMIK. This means that the controller is quickly ready for use and can be adapted to different applications within a very short time. The KOSMIK can be parameterized via the ProgUNIT or the K-PROG app. This allows individual parameters to be changed and helps to adapt the KOSMIK to personal preferences. Of course, the KOSMIK can also be updated online. This allows software updates to be applied conveniently at home. Downtime is now a thing of the past.”

Technical data

Weight approx. 387 g
Continuous current 210 A
Voltage range 20 - 59 V
Number of cells 5 - 14 S LiPo
BEC voltage range 5 - 8 V
BEC continuous current 10 A
BEC peak current 30 A
With integrated telemetry



Dimensioned drawing