April 4, 2023 – Price list 2023

With the Project ONE we have new products and at the same time the two KOSMIK types are no longer needed. We have also adjusted the prices of our merchandising products.

After we recently had to increase our prices – after years of price stability – we are naturally also repeatedly asked about this topic. At KONTRONIK, it actually hurt us a lot that we had to impose higher prices on our customers. However, we would like to explicitly point out again in this context that all our products are developed in Germany and assembled at the Rottenburg site using components manufactured in Germany. With this approach KONTRONIK has always pursued a consistent “MADE IN GERMANY” strategy in order to be able to meet the highest quality standards we have set ourselves. However, this strategy also has its price, and therefore our products will always be somewhat more expensive.

MADE IN GERMANY – we hope that you will actively support our strategy!