KV: 380 U/min/V

Weight: 285 g, Outer diameter: 50,8 mm, Length: 45 mm

Article number: 75181

Delivery time: 6-8 Weeks

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The SPIDER-XL 20 provides over 800 W of continuous power and easily motors even large 8 multicopters with a payload of over 15 kg.

Due to the different speed types, it is always possible to find the right SPIDER -XL motor for the intended application. The design of the motors is adapted for use in the multicopter. Its newly developed fan and internal design let the SPIDER-XL stay cool even when working. Both have been specially tuned for these low speeds.

This is what distinguishes the SPIDER-XL 20:

Neodymium magnets heat resistant up to 150 °C
Finely balanced
Adjusted sheet metal cut
Optimized airflow
Radial fan
Optimized magnetic circuit

Technical data

KV 380 U/min/V
RPM max. 20000 U/Min
Continuous power 800 Watt
Shaft diameter 6 mm
Free shaft length 3,5 mm
Number of poles 14
Weight approx. 285 g
Outer diameter motor 50,8 mm
Length motor 45 mm